Changing one’s mind

Dear All.
Evaporation 1st April to 6th April 4,4,4,4,5,4,4

Just started to read an amazing book called either “The Heretics” or “The Unpersuadables” by a journalist who spent time trying to understand people who believed certain things (like creationism, homeopathy, UFOs and extra sensory perception) even when the evidence of Science shows that they are wrong. I thought it was going to be a straightforward Science is Right – they are Wrong sort of book, but it was MUCH more subtle than that. I will (I am sure) write about it again once I have finished the book.

Why is this relevant? I was very skeptical about Liquid Lime, but I have seen a photograph of Chesney’s soybeans and it definitely seems to have made a difference. Where the lime was applied (through the pivot) in excess the soybeans are still growing well. Where he ran out of L Lime, they are already yellow, drying off, and where the lime was applied as per his aim, the soybeans are still 80% green. SO, it has definitely made a difference. Now that does not alter the fact that 5litres per ha of Liquid lime (or whatever the recommended rate is) is NOT gong to be a substitute for liming your fields, but it may well be that, as we push the yield limit of our crops, a foliar application will be economic. I will certainly be trying some in my vegetable garden this year, particularly on my tomatoes (which always show that calcium deficiency end blotch). I will possibly try a little in the seedbeds, and will definitely try some in my tobacco.

I would like to study that photograph a little more closely to see if there is any indication that the lime was settling out in the water – a fear I have about applying it through the pivot – but I have to admit I am much less sceptical about the product itself.



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