changing your mind 2

Dear All,
Evaporation 1st April to 19th April 4,4,4,4,5,4,4,2,2-4,0-4,1-16,2,2,2,3,3,3,3

I may have repeated a few days there – this Blog is a lot more difficult to send than the old emails, so a lot of my focus is taken up in sending it, leaving less ‘capacity’ for keeping track of what figures I have sent and what I haven’t/ I’ll get there!

Last week’s blog was about being prepared to change one’s mind. No sooner had I written that than I came across three patches of legume that are growing extremely well, and which did not get any extra Boron or extra Molybdenum. So, what has made my legumes improve in their productivity? It wasn’t the better rainfall this year – if it was the better rainfall in previous years, why haven’t ALL my legumes everywhere improved. For the time being I will continue to put my faith in the extra Boron and extra Molybdenum, but I don’t think the subject is closed.

As I write I have not got enough Basamid to finish treating my seedbeds. I am hoping to find some methyl bromide but I also suspect I may be forced to grow some beds with the Vydate/Command/Confidor treatment that I have been using and which Chris Aston is using to get excellent results. I had decided to use Basamid as I have a broad-leaf weed that causes a lot of trouble in the beds and there is no herbicide subtle enough to kill that, without killing the tobacco. I will let you know which of the three treatments gives the best seedlings.

Sales are not looking good, looks like we will have a fight on our hands this year,



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