late rain

Dear All,

Evaporation 20th to 27th April 3,3,4,3,3-19,2,2-7,2

I have heard of other people getting considerably more rain than this. Enough to mess up soybean and hay harvest, but probably not enough to change the level of water in the dams. Wheat planting are going to be between 40 and 60% of normal, so prices should stay firm.

I have no idea what is happening in tobacco. Alliance One in Mkushi is upsetting farmers with low prices – in Choma they seem to be paying well. Better tobacco? JTI  doesn’t seem to want to buy anything. I am going to sell soon and will let you know how mine goes, but it reminds me a little of that game 52 card pick up. (Two players, one throws the pack into the air and the other picks them up.) It is still all up in the air.







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