Try, try again

Dear All,
This is the third attempt at writing a blog – so my patience has run out.

BIG thanks to Karen Bourdillon and her WiFi connection at Green Solutions. She helped me to register with WordPress which has made it a little faster for me to connect to where I can write a Blog.

Evaporation from 27 Nov to 30 Nov is 12,10,9,7 (no rain)

We saw some very nice crops at Troy and Richard on Tuesday. A bit of debate as to when to remove the lower leaves – Troy Murray and Piers all do it early. I prefer later – but I have done a trial and hope to have results by February.

In fact I have a bunch of trials – the first one to show SOME result is that planting long rooted seedlings either ‘as they come’ or deliberately J, or cut short, does not seem to have made any difference – yet (in my October crop).

To get this blog automatically you need to sign up. If you cannot find where to do it, let me know and I will ask Annabel Hughes (my Blog consultant) how to do it,



2 responses to “Try, try again”

  1. Ant Ford says :

    Hopefully a reply will mean I’ve signed in??

  2. chris aston says :

    Hi Bruce, need more information on the different timings of priming, earlier and later isnt helpful enough, I always end up doing it during or even at the end of topping which I understand is now way late. Very interested to hear your results on J rooting, as I look at it nearly every plant going into the ground has a j to a varying degree unless planting a plug.

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