Andrenalin and trial results

Sorry, a short blog this week.

On Thursday morning I had the biggest Andrenaline rush I think I can cope with. Any more and it would have been heart attack. I was just waiting to be called to the tunnel to push trolleys when they called me with the words “The tunnel is on fire”. The day before, one of the trolleys had come off it’s rails and knocked a fluorescent tube off the ceiling, exposing bare, live, wires. I had arranged for the electrician to come in with us, with his tools and a step ladder so that he could fix it. My first thought was that these wires must have shorted and ignited the drying tobacco. Now I have never heard of a fire in a tunnel, but I imagined they would burn pretty well.

In fact a little bit of scrap tobacco had started to smoulder on top of one of the radiators and a worker (who comes in with a knapsack of dilute Jik – to control barn rot) put it out with his Jik. So, I got a free cardiac test and no harm was done. But why did it start to smoulder? The radiators have been in contact with scrap tobacco for years (even though we clean them once a month) and water at 105C should not make dry tobacco burn. The tobacco there should also be too dry to start composting. I suggest you check all the dark corners near YOUR heat exchangers, radiators or otherwise.

The first of my stalk measurement tests has come in and it shows NO response to Vydate – 4kg or 8kg/ha. I have been doing these tests for a number of years now, but this is the first time I have had 6 replications of each treatment. 6 x 16 plants of NO Vydate, 6 by 16 of 4kg and 6 x 16 of 8kg…and there is NO difference, just random ups and downs. There are several other trials we are still gathering data from, and I have another Vydate trial in the October field, but I would still like to see SOME response to Vydate, to justify all that expense.

One experiment we did do, is we jumped a clip 3 days forward in the tunnel and it cured without any Z or even K. So, more to learn there too.




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