Priming Results

Dear All,

Evaporation 15th to 21st February,
2-3, 2-19, 5, 6, 6, 4, 4

I have just received four trail cameras which I am using for security around my barns. Battery operated they can be set up anywhere and record the videos or still photos on a memory card, which can be quickly removed and viewed on my computer in the office. It is called the HCAM6210 and was supplied by At GBP 185 each they are not cheap (add something for the SD card and courier to Zambia) but they only have to prevent the theft of a few bales to pay for themselves. Spycamera were very efficient – I think I had the cameras within 10 days of finding their website. If you buy the MM version (I don’t know how much more expensive) you can fit a Sim card and it will text you whenever it records an intruder – with good network it can even send you the photo or video.

The results of the stalk measurements indicate that priming just before topping was the best. We planted this crop on 23rd August and our first priming was 15th October, second 29th October, topping 4th November and our late priming was 13th November. The differences in the averages are about 80kg/ha and priming on the 15th appears to be better than priming after topping. We have a much earlier priming experiment in the October crop (in relation to planting and topping). I just hope the trial can still give us meaningful results after the hail.

(The hail pay-out looks like it will be about 50%, and I still hope to harvest about 75% of the weight that was there – so I could be 25% ahead. But, if that 75% is badly bruised (which it will be) and the grades drop to 4, I could only earn 30% of the value – leaving me at about 70% income, and NO profit.)

The other trial results were most positive for Omnia’s KelP-max, about 50kg/ha with a double dose; the 50kg more than enough to pay for it and the cost of cupping it on. MAP in the planting hole did not make much yield difference, but it did seem to make the crop very much more uniform. Standup (a humic acid snake oil) had no effect, as did Vydate and Eco-T. I would not put a LOT of emphasis on these results, but they do show that our scientific knowledge is only won by hard work and careful analysis. It should not be dismissed lightly.



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