Dear Vance,

Evaporation 1st to 7th November 8,9,8,4,5,7,5

I was told about a book called “The Checklist Manifesto” in a blog called “The Art of Troubleshooting” (which I recommend) and had ordered it sometime ago. When it came there were other books in the queue, so it had to wait it’s turn. Then, a friend recommended the latest book by the same author (“Being Mortal”) and so I decided that Checklist could jump the queue. It is a very inspiring read. He discusses how the medical profession could benefit from adopting check-lists. He tried to learn from both the building/construction industry and from the airline industry. He decided that the airline industry was more appropriate to surgery – because they both have so very little time. Their checklists have to be VERY short and brief. Farming is more like the construction industry, we (mostly) have far more time to plan and to check, and I do believe checklists are going to help us significantly. (Especially as we get older, and our memories fail us more often). I have been feeling my way towards a check-list anyway and have several. All written in Excel, they are a little like a diary, for seedbeds; for the whole growing of tobacco from planting through to topping; for the whole year so that we don’t forget to do some of the maintenance jobs that we ought to do every winter. But, I am now adding proper checklists to this to make sure we have all the equipment for planting or all the chemical that we need in stock. Being Excel it is easy to update the dates from one year to the next (Sundays are coloured differently) and again, being Excel, it is easy to show (by different coloured text, or different coloured cells) what has been done and what hasn’t. The checklist can also specify who is responsible for each item.

I would be interested in sharing any checklists that anyone else may have developed as I am sure other people will have ideas worth incorporating into mine.




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