Gum tree Blight

Dear Xavier,

Evaporation 15 to 21 November 5, 6, 10-1, 6, 5-10, 1-21, 3

While on the weather, The Guardian reports that NOAA (the US weather people) report that this El Nino has broken all records on two out of three El Nino criteria – they won’t know if it has broken the 3rd until later in the year, because they cannot measure the third until later. Certainly our rains got off to a late kick-off.

I am not sure how many other farmers have got this blight in their gum trees. Blight is probably the wrong word, but it is a disease/pest affecting the leaves of gum trees, leaving them looking decidedly short of leaves. I first saw it on James Chance’s farm, but Patrick’s are also affected and James tells me many other people have it too. On my farm (and Patrick’s) it seems that grandus is much less affected than terretricornis (not sure of spelling of either of them) and I wonder if other people have a similar experience? I don’t know of any camaldulensis in the area, but it would be worth checking any. I also have a few p? p? p? (I cannot remember their name, but black stringy bark) and I will check them out. It is a reminder that we should plant as many different species of tree as possible – in case one is vulnerable to a disease or pest. I doubt that a dry El Nino year is going to help.

Talking of pests, any sign/news of the yellow cane aphid? Best4now,Bruce


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