Some Good News

Dear Denise,

Evaporation 3rd to 9th January, 6-2, 9, 9, 9, 11, 5-6, 7-1, The average evaporation I have for January is about 2.5, so you can see we are way above normal. That 11 is even very rare in October.

But the good news is Brazil is expecting to be about 100m kg short (as is Zimbabwe, though they don’t know it yet). I suspect quite a bit of the Zimbabwean/Brazilian crop is also going to be severely droughted, so the price for our better styles should be firm.

I am still trying to find out the longer term forecast. I probably mentioned that a friend of Sally’s said we were locked into four El Nino’s in a row – but Ant Ford had heard that next year is forecast to be wetter. I certainly feel we should be prepared for the worst and use our water as carefully as possible. Those of you who are dependent on boreholes should start recording the water levels NOW – it might give you early warning of how well your boreholes are coping.

Finally, the reason this is late is because I didn’t have access to the Internet over the weekend. I think the server at Siachitema Mission (from whence I get my signal) wasn’t working as all my equipment worked fine in town. So the people in the Airtel container opposite Barclays gave me the number of their Mr. Daka 0978981027 – you might want to keep that number handy if you use Airtel in remote areas.

May it be a wet one,





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