Rabies and capacitors

Dear Fiona,

Evaporation 17 to 23rd January 3-6, 3-1, 5, 5, 6, 5, 5 With evaporation figures like that we should all be looking carefully at our remaining dam water. My ‘budget’ starts from the 1st March, but there is a real possibility that our dams will be lower by then than they are now and I am fully expecting one of my dams to be dry by August.

I had to put my youngest dog down on Saturday night. She was half Australian Blue Healer half Jack Russell and was one of the sweetest dogs I have owned. But my three have been involved in two fights with rabid dogs since Christmas. After the second one I decided to re-vaccinate them all (they were due again in April). But I was not aware that the pup should have had a repeat vaccination 3 months after her first. It seems that she may therefore not have had sufficient protection. Although she never developed obvious symptoms, there was quite a bit of ‘smoking gun’ evidence and putting her down definitely seemed the wisest option. I have heard that there have been two human cases of rabies in Choma and Kalomo recently so please keep your dog and cat vaccinations up to date.

Still a lot of uncertainty over this Power Factor correction issue. There are three options: correct individual motors, install Variable Speed Drives, install a variable Capacitor Bank. Which one you choose depends on the situation but they ALL contain capacitors, which makes them ALL dangerous (you MUST discharge the capacitors before poking around there with a screwdriver) and ALL attractive to lightning. So, install good lightning arrestors at the same time – and remember that your arrestors are only as good as your earthing. I see that, of the original 8 earthing rods I installed 35 years ago, only 3 are still connected – the other 5 have had their wires stolen. Finally, remember that this PF equipment will also save some of your diesel cost when you are having to run your generator – which we will be having to do more and more as 2016 progresses.




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