Dear Irene,

Evaporation 7th to 13th February 4-6, 6, 3-3, 4, 3-4, 4, 4-2

I came across an article which claimed that more than 3 billion people are now seriously short of water for at least a month every year. The article had a map showing the dry areas of the world in a colour code – Green (Zambia) that has enough water all year round to Brown (Sahara) that is using up water faster than the annual rainfall can replenish it. Note how short is Southern Africa, India and the western United States. The article blamed beef as one of the biggest ways in which we ‘waste’ water because it takes a lot of irrigation to grow enough grass to produce a kg of beef. I don’t think we are anywhere near a world-wide ban on irrigated pastures, but water IS going to become increasingly scarce.

Before I would ban irrigated pastures I would ban ANY company making ANY product without putting their return physical address, so we could send their junk back to them. I had to buy a new thermostat which I have been getting from Century Electric, but they were out of stock of the ANLY ones I have been using and sold me a similar looking one. But the level of Chinglish in the instructions is much worse; the thermostat doesn’t work and the manufacturer is so proud of the product that they didn’t even write their brand, let alone the country of origin. THOSE sort of products is the BIGGEST waste of the world’s resources – along with a really TERRIBLE quality float valve I bought recently and EVERY toaster I have ever bought….

Had nice confirmation that I am doing a reasonable job of curing – most of the time. Because of the problems with the thermostat we had a barn full of very wet tobacco. (A reminder for those of you not familiar with tunnels and chongololos – if you HAVE messed up and have a ‘late’ barn, you either have to stop reaping, or re-pack the wet tobacco into another barn which may not have been full. You cannot just use an empty barn/bulk curer from another system just for one day.) So we repacked this wet tobacco into other barns further down the line and produced a very high percentage of K and Z styles. Proof that, if I don’t cure this tobacco carefully, it has the potential to go Z on me. Until then I had produced no Z and much less K this year, mostly due to reaping significantly riper than normal.

Best4now, BruceWater shortage


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